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It all began with a bottle of red wine and a tube of lipstick, as most good things do.

One balmy Arizona night, while sharing said bottle and said tube, lamenting our inability to function as women in life and relationships because of the lies and traumas that Christian purity culture had taught us, we dared each other to do ten things that scared us and blog about it. Ask out a boy. Get a tattoo. Lose our kiss-ginity. The Purity Culture Rehab Project was born that night, and it was the source of so much life and healing that we wanted to bring everybody else into our Act II:

The Flawless Project.

It began as a desire to make space to talk about the myths about women that are floating around out there. There’s quite a few.

We have grown up in a culture of scarcity:

a culture that tells us there’s not enough FLAWLESS to go around.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We believe that you—

yes, you—

are inherently FLAWLESS.

You are inherently WORTHY—of love and belonging and fulfillment.

We wanted all of our readers to believe that too, and we know that’s often the hardest thing to do.

We wanted to create an affirming, inclusive community online: a place where women can celebrate exactly who they are and also get inspired by women who are very different from themselves.

And we were in the process of trying to do just that when it became exquisitely clear, on November 8, 2016, that cheering ourselves on, as necessary a task as it is in a world that is constantly fighting to make women smaller and less empowered, is not enough.

There is so much to resist. So many battles to fight, so much evil to pay attention to, so much self-care to perform. There are protests, rallies, vigils, lobby days, letter-writing campaigns, protest art-making parties, clinic escorting, interfaith meetings, workshops, teach-ins, press conferences. There are pains and fears and hopes that are as unique as the individual. Intersectionality means we all have different reasons to be afraid—and our liberation is all bound up with one another’s.

And we want to hear about it all. How you’re resisting. How you’re protesting. How you’re self-caring.

We’ve got nothing, but we’ll share it with you.

(AKA we’re currently working on setting up a funding stream so we can get you some dollars but for now we’re broke af.)

Let’s imagine a brave, hopeful, just and equitable FLAWLESS world together.

– Emily & Hannah

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