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A Woman’s Worth in Words

By Alice Sullivan   I attended the re:Create conference earlier this year and during a lunch conversation with Emily Joy and a few other creatives, I made the remark that as a ghostwriter and editor for the last fifteen years, I’ve noticed a distinct difference in the sexes when it comes to storytelling.   My male authors may ask a lot of questions… Read more →

The Story Must Go On

By Morgan Sutter This week my family surprised me with an incredible gift: a typewriter. As a writer, a lover of history, and a lifelong fan of American Girl doll Kit Kittredge, I’ve mentioned several times in the past year that I was interested in acquiring a typewriter. By “interested” I mean I had calls in to multiple resale stores… Read more →

You Are Not a Princess

By Emily Joy Allison-Hearn   Society, our friends, our family, and even our churches send many, oftentimes conflicting, messages about what it means to be female. Being female means waiting. Being female means passivity. Being female means subservience. Being female means being in need of rescue. It means be yourself, but don’t be too outrageous. It means be attractive, but… Read more →