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A Flawless Bachelor Recap: Week 1

By Emily Joy Allison-Hearn   The Bachelor is absolutely my greatest and most serious guilty pleasure. I started watching it years ago as pure entertainment—Homeschooled-Bible-College me was fascinated by the lives of people who did nothing but drink cocktails out of coconuts on the beach and make out with multiple partners for several weeks. Later, Newly-Awakened-Feminist me was a little outraged at… Read more →

Why We’re Having Christmas at My House This Year

By Emily Joy Allison-Hearn   We’re having Christmas in our tiny one-bedroom apartment this year. Oh, Billy and I are still driving to my parents’ house on the 25th to spend Christmas Day with them and open presents and participate in my mother’s love language, otherwise known as eating all the food she puts in front of you or else. But on… Read more →