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Healthy Boundaries Suck

By Jessica Newsome   There’s a thought I’ve been circling back to in conversations with my friends. One friend in particular is struggling to re-define her relationship with a parent who is an addict. Another isn’t sure how to handle a sometimes “mean girl” in her life—one she cannot disconnect from professionally and is therefore unable to wholly disconnect from… Read more →

When Your Brain Says Yes But Your Body Says No & Joshua Harris Says It Doesn’t Matter

By Hannah Renee Paasch   I sat there, staring blankly at the doctor in front of me trying to tell me that my body was okay.   I knew my body was not okay.   I’d been having sex with my husband for months now, and every single time felt like the first time. Tears would stream involuntarily out of… Read more →

The Kid Question: As Told By a Happily Married Lesbian

By Tayler Rey   “So when are you going to have kids?”   Ah. The question. The sister question to when are you going to get married? The distant cousin to why don’t you ever date? If you haven’t experienced this question—congratulations, you are single. Someone back in the day adopted the “get married and start a family right away” storyline and apparently everyone else… Read more →

When Falling in Love is God’s Idea

By Hannah Renee Paasch   Before I could even look at boys I was sneaking off to the romance novel section of my local Christian bookstore when my folks would stop in for commentaries or prayer journals. Janette Oke knew what was UP. Even as a kid I sensed that her wildly ahistorical plots—the battles, the cloak-and-dagger intrigues that somehow seemed to all… Read more →

One More Voice in the Crowd

By Savannah Hattan   [Content Note: rape, sexual assault]   As I read the articles and commentary spattered across my newsfeed of Brock Turner, the rapist, I thought to myself, “Maybe it’s time to tell my story.” But I’ve always wondered what I have to say that no one else has said; probably nothing new. But as I did dishes, and cooked dinner, I… Read more →