Dating, Friendship & Sexuality

You Are the Point of You

By Hannah Renee Paasch   Finding yourself single again after a long-term relationship—after the one that was supposed to be “the One”—feels both like encountering a freshwater stream in the desert while simultaneously finding that no amount of water can actually quench the thirst you feel so it’s kinda pointless anyway. It is both relieving and deeply demoralizing. You begin… Read more →

How to Help a Friend Experiencing Domestic Violence

By Jessica Newsome   I wish that I could tell you that this was the first—or the second, third—time that I have written about domestic violence. If I never have to answer another phone call from a friend who says, “He would never hit me, but…” it’ll be too soon. This is an edited version of an email I wrote… Read more →

What It’s Like To Lose a Year of Your Life

By Sunni Mullenix   [CONTENT NOTE: descriptions of physical and sexual abuse]   For years, I’ve sat on this experience.   This period where I was abused physically, sexually, and emotionally by a person that I loved. I have grown in unimaginable ways, but never could figure out how to use it to potentially help someone else. But I knew it needed to be… Read more →