Identity & Personhood

Interview: Emily Bowles

As a part of our interview series, Flawless Project contributor Jessica Newsome has been asking flawless women in different fields and life places seven questions about life, career, feminism, dreams and goals, and more.    Meet Emily Bowles! Emily is a former professor of English, which is how she met Jessica Newsome, her former student. Since 2007, Emily Bowles has worked… Read more →

A Woman’s Worth in Words

By Alice Sullivan   I attended the re:Create conference earlier this year and during a lunch conversation with Emily Joy and a few other creatives, I made the remark that as a ghostwriter and editor for the last fifteen years, I’ve noticed a distinct difference in the sexes when it comes to storytelling.   My male authors may ask a lot of questions… Read more →

How to Help a Friend Experiencing Domestic Violence

By Jessica Newsome   I wish that I could tell you that this was the first—or the second, third—time that I have written about domestic violence. If I never have to answer another phone call from a friend who says, “He would never hit me, but…” it’ll be too soon. This is an edited version of an email I wrote… Read more →