When Your Brain Says Yes But Your Body Says No & Joshua Harris Says It Doesn’t Matter

By Hannah Renee Paasch   I sat there, staring blankly at the doctor in front of me trying to tell me that my body was okay.   I knew my body was not okay.   I’d been having sex with my husband for months now, and every single time felt like the first time. Tears would stream involuntarily out of… Read more →

When Forgiveness Looks Different for Everyone

By Jessica Newsome   I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what forgiveness means. To be honest, the word enrages me.  When I grew up, forgiveness meant “restoration”—which frankly, meant abuse. It meant that church leaders who tried to cast demons out of my friends suffering from eating disorders were above reproach. It meant the church members who emotionally,… Read more →

Interview: Isake Smith

As a part of our interview series, Flawless Project contributor Jessica Newsome has been asking flawless women in different fields and life places seven questions about life, career, feminism, dreams and goals, and more.    Meet Isake Smith! Isake is an epic multi-tasker. She has been known to sing, row, and facilitate, all at the same time! She is currently a… Read more →

Interview: Jessica Newsome

Welcome to The Flawless Project interview series! Contributor Jessica Newsome came up with the idea to start interviewing flawless women in different careers and life places and asking them seven questions about life, career, feminism, dreams and goals, and more. Naturally, we thought Jessica would be the perfect person to answer the questions first!   Jessica Newsome was TFP’s co-founder Emily’s upstairs… Read more →

You Are the Point of You

By Hannah Renee Paasch   Finding yourself single again after a long-term relationship—after the one that was supposed to be “the One”—feels both like encountering a freshwater stream in the desert while simultaneously finding that no amount of water can actually quench the thirst you feel so it’s kinda pointless anyway. It is both relieving and deeply demoralizing. You begin… Read more →